Persian Byte is a Software and Music production company founded by Shahram Sharbaf, Iranian music producer and sound engineer known best for his work in O-Hum Iranian rock band. Persian Byte's goal is to offer simple yet powerful sound and music production tools to home studio engineers and musicians in an affordable and easy way. These tools include Audio processing Plug-Ins [known as VST Effects], Virtual Instruments [like Soft Synths and Guitar FX] and Persian traditional instruments Sample Libraries. While Persian Byte goal is to serve Iranian musicians and sound engineers, we'll also try to promote our products on International market as one of the first Iranian companies in this field.

Persian Byte is a one-man company and every product is created personally by Shahram Sharbaf.

This includes Researching and design concept, Audio engineering and Editing, Code programming, Graphic design and marketing. Through this process he injects his 20 years of sound and music skills and knowledge into Persian Byte products. Shahram believes that ordinary musicians don't have to learn many technical terms and complicated software, only to create a simple piece of music. They should be able to create their music and sound easily by using simple and smart tools and spend most of their time on the real challenge: Creating good Music!

Persian Byte production philosophy is 'Be Simple, but Powerful and Dynamic'.

TeleMix is a remote mixing and mastering service by Persian Byte. Artists send their music projects through Internet to be mixed and mastered by Shahram Sharbaf and receive the final files in their mail box. Beside saving time and budget, clients will get benefits from Shahram's 20 years of sound engineering experience and skills. For more information visit TeleMIX page.